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With over 80 years of experience, Trojan Battery delivers the world's most trusted deep cycle batteries for use in golf cars, utility and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV).


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Why Trojan?
Because more than 98% of America's top golf courses use Trojan batteries in their fleets.*
Based on listing of top golf courses in Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and the US Open list of venues


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Why Us?
Because Nobody Beats our Price, Service or Warranty.*

The way we streamline our mobile business with the most advanced technology helps us to reduce our overhead and pass the savings on to you. Adding to that our unbeatable purchasing power due to our high volume of sales, also allows us to be the most competitive dealer in the Tucson area.

We come to you. We remove your old batteries, clean your battery compartment with electric scrapers and brushes, paint your battery tray, replace your battery cables with new heavy duty 4 gauge cables, install your new batteries and check out your charging system. And your golf cart never leaves the front of your home or business.

All our Trojan and FVP batteries come with a full 2 year free replacement no hassel warranty. Most other major brands only carry a 12 month warranty.*

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Nobody Beats our Price, Service or Warranty.


And now recieve a new set of Heavy Duty 4 Gauge Cables with every install. We decided that if you're going to install brand new batteries you might as well get brand new cables.


We have the best Extended Warranty in the industry. We cover shorted cells, dead cells, damaged battery posts, damaged battery cases and any bad cables at time of replacement. Also diagnostics and labor. All for $19.95.

*All Warranties "2 Year Free Replacement" and "2 Year Extended" are non-transferable unless approved by The Battery Guy Tucson..

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We remove the old batteries, clean and paint the compartment, replace the cables with new heavy duty 4 gauge cables, seal the connections and check your charging system.

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